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Monday 13 September

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FDTD modelling of microwave and RF heating of materials: stability criteria, coupled problems, rotating loads, modelling of loaded waveguide systems. FDTD vs FE (FETD/FEFD), grid size and accuracy.

Prof. Vadim Yakovlev

Principles of RF and microwave heating of dielectric materials

Presenter pending


Numerical FE modeling of microwave and RF heating: material models and reversible /irreversiable phase changes

Dr Magnus Olsson

From characterization to industrial applications of RF

Dr. Ricky Metaxas


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Coupled thermal-electromagnetic modelling of microwave heating
– coupled effects, instabilities and runaway, modal analysis and multi-mode effects, hotspot formation, melting and plasma ejection

Prof. Eli Jerby

Introduction to EM modeling techniques

Dr Magnus Olsson


Case study #1. Modelling of multimode applicators for metallurgical applications

Prof Paolo Veronesi

Dielectric and calorimetric measurements in a wide temperature range

Presenter pending



Case study #2. Modelling of resersible/irreversible phase changes during MW/RF heating: • Curie-temperature effect at induction hardening of ferrite to austenite

Dr. Magnus Olsson

Applied RF Measurements

Jens Koefoed


Case study #3 Experimental validation of the temperature development in the material in a microwave resonator

Presenter pending

Solid state technology /MW generators vs magnetron

Dr. Klaus Werner


Coffee BreakCoffee Break

Case study #4. Temperature fields in microwave thermal processing of conveyorized foods

Prof. Ferruh Erdogdu, University of Ankara

Low noise microwave amplifiers at cryogenic temperatures

Dr. Jörgen Stenarsson, Low Noise Factory


Case study 5# Modeling of Thermal Processes in a MMW Heat Exchanger with an AlN:Mo Susceptor

Prof. Vadim Yakovlev

“Numerical simulation of semiconductor devices – TCAD.” GaN technologies for microwave and power applications. Electrical performance of different semiconductor devices through the use of TCAD.

Assoc. Prof. Hans Hjelmgren


Case study #6. EM simulations and antennas

Presenter pending

Implementation of certain EM modes in wave guide systems

Presenter pending


Questions, comments and concluding remarks

Questions, comments and concluding remarks

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