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18th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Applications

AMPERE is a four-day conference with an interesting combination of Keynote speakers and invited research papers but with a solid foundation of contributions from participant researchers. The submission process is in two stages, where a one-page abstract is reviewed by a scientific committee, and if accepted the author is invited to write a full-length paper before the conference.

Template for full paper now available

“Full papers will be published in a Technical Proceedings book issued by RISE. All authors will also be encouraged to upload the papers to https://zenodo.org/communities/ampere2021/  for individual DOI and search engine availability.”

The papers will be published in a proceedings report issued by RISE (with DOI for the full document), and in addition offered to upload on a specific Zenodo-community to achieve an individual DOI.


Topics are focused on recent Advances in Microwave and HF applications in areas for example but not
limited to:

• Food Processing and Process intensification
• Biomass and waste processing
• Chemistry/biochemistry and processing
• Medical and Biological Applications
• Design of Applicators and Components
• Solid State Technology
• Dielectric and Magnetic Material Properties and Measurements
• Measurements and Metrology
• EM Modelling and Numerical Techniques
• Material interaction
• Industrial Equipment and Scale-up
• Applications in Automated Driving
• Radiation Safety and Standards
• Frequency Sources and Power Supply Design
• Energy Production (including renewable energy and chemicals)
• Plasma phenomena and processing (CVD, cleaning, nanoparticles…)
• Terahertz and Millimeter Wave Applications
• Trends in Microwave and HF Processing
• Other Microwave and HF Applications


To be selected in the online submission form and in the one page abstract (using the template provided to the right).

Frequency area

001 Microwave
002 High Frequency/HF
003 THz
004 Millimeter wave


005 Food applications
006 Agriculture applications
007 Bio-mass applications
008 Medical applications
009 Biological applications
010 Chemical applications
011 Biochemical applications
012 Measurement applications
013 Sensor technology
014 Digitalization
015 Automated driving
016 Industrial applications
017 Plasma applications

Additional keywords (up to 3-4 optional of these)

018 Equipment
019 Scale-up
020 Process intensification
021 Measurement technology
022 Modelling
023 Numerical techniques
024 Processing
025 Optimization
026 Residue/Side-stream
027 Food
028 Chemistry
029 Biomass/Waste
030 Applicator
031 Component
032 Cavity
033 Waveguide
034 Solid-state
035 Magnetron
036 Antenna
037 Power supply
038 Frequency sources
039 Dielectrics
040 Dielectric properties
041 Permittivity
042 Characterisation
043 Method
044 Field
045 Electromagnetic
046 S-parameter
047 Material interaction
048 Energy
049 Renewable energy
050 Safety
051 Standards
052 Permeability
053 Design
054 Evaluation

Sponsorship and exhibition

There will be a technical exhibit in conjunction with the conference, and several further opportunities for sponsors to get enhanced visibility. If you are interested in these options, please check this “link to Sponsorship & Exhibition”

Deadline for submission of full paper 23rd August, 2021

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